10th Anniversary

LBE Description
Number 10 with Moist’s Winged Hat in Gold

Our 10th Birthday LBE is a limited edition of 1000 envelopes containing a bonanza of Discworld Stamps, with four extra stamps included as a gift from us, each envelope also features an elegant new fourpenny issue honouring Ankh-Morpork’s esteemed tyrant Lord Havelock Vetinari, and at least two of our anniversary Penny Moist variants.
One stamp to rule them all... and a chance to win it!!
One VERY VERY lucky 10th Birthday LBE will contain a prize ticket for the most expensive, and exclusive Discworld Stamp ever produced. The Golden Patrician is a stunning SOLID GOLD Ankh-Morpork One Penny Stamp, specially made for us in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter by our award-winning goldsmith Thomas Lynall.

Images and Documents
We’re sorry we missed you: signed by Terry  
We’re sorry we missed you: signed by Ian Mitchell  
We’re sorry we missed you: Ian the best  
We’re sorry we missed you: Bum Bum Bum by Bernard  
Bernard doodle Piss Off!  
Bernard doodle 2 bottles  
Bernard doodle 5  
Bernard doodle What fun pipe  
Bernard doodle 123 terry the printer  I have met Terry the Printer. A very nice chap.
10th Anniversary cover prize ticket  One of 50.
The Gold Patrician  

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10th Anniversary
9 July 2014
The postmen of Ankh-Morpork have also contributed to this edition with a scattering of We’re sorry we missed you cards bearing a variety of reasons for non delivery waiting to be found, along with prize tickets for one of 50 exclusive 10th Anniversary First Day Covers. Two VERY lucky envelopes will contain that most coveted of Discworld Stamps. the Blue Triangle Sport.

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