Valentines Day

LBE Description
In the top left is the name and address of the Cunning Artificer in ornate frame with side bars of Est. and 1991. To the right is a man in Edwardian dress down on one knee and hand raised facing an elegant lady in long dress and hat holding a triangle. The wording is "Harold knew he was on to a winner when Gladys accepted his proposal of a weekend in Brighton. And all because of his gift of Purple Triangle on Valentines Day,"

The traditional LBE to mark this most loving day, issued early to give time to send it on to your beloved or time to decide to keep them yourself. This is a limited run of just 500 and was stuffed with goodies. Every one contained a mis-perforated Seamstress 2p, a motto, heart shaped sprinkles. Random LBES contained the brand new Penny Patrician sport, not the sheet. And it was the last possibility to get your hands on the Tower of Art fountain sports, before that series was withdrawn.

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Valentines Day
8 February 2008



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