Penny Copper

Sheet Description
Portrait format White Field Square Chain frame THE STREETS ARE ALWAYS SAFE FOR HONEST FOLK Top PRINTED IN THE YEAR OF THE SPINNING MOUSE, BY TEEMER & SPOOLS, AT THE REQUEST OF THE ANKH-MORPORK POST OFFICETO HONOUR THE BRAVR MEMBER OF OUR CITY WATCH Left Ascending Right Descending Patrician Profile inwards Right and Left VIAE SUNT SEMPER TUTUS PRO HOMINIBUS PROBIS For every stamp sold one Elim will be donated to the A-M.C.W. Widows and Orphans Fund in Frame Base.

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Spinning Mouse

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Name:Penny Copper
SHS Ref: SHE-0371-A
Released:11 April 2015
Size (mm):165 wide by 292 high
Layout:7 rows by 6 columns
Price £:12.60
Availability:Unlimited Availability
Stamp Page:shs0371
Stamps: shs0371a   shs0371b  
Sport:r5, c3: shs0371b

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