Dave’s Pin and Stamp Exchange

Cover Description
Advertising framed with pin holes and pins DAVE’S PIN & STAMP EXCHANGE 12a, Cripes Alley, Lobbin Clout, ANKH-MORPORK The House of Acuphilia!!! Bearing 2 Penny Patrician stamps and cancelled by the AMPO Commercial Post frank Cust No D467 Date SekV

Contained a Number 7 gauge pin from the refurbishment of the perforator together with a bag of chad.

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Bag of Chad  
Number 7 Gauge pin  
Promotional Calendar  

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Name:Dave's Pin and Stamp Exchange
SHS Ref: SCA-0007a
Released:8 September 2011
Availability:Limited Time Period
No. issued:100
Stamps: Penny Patrician Black
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Eleven Pence revenue
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